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Purchasing process:

We purchase electronic waste, including PCBs, circuit boards, laboratory cards, computer plugs, electronic components, chips, EPROMs, ICs, processors, relays, reed switches, contact rivets, disk drives, hard drives, mains adaptors, as well as any production residues from the PCB and electronics industry containing precious metals.

Method ADelivery in person

After arranging an appointment, you can deliver the materials to our drop-off centre in person. After the material has been dropped off, it is weighed in keeping with our sorting criteria while you are present, and a weighing report is issued. The purchase price is calculated in the office, and the corresponding amount given to you either in cash or as a cheque. If you prefer, we are, of course, happy to transfer the money to your account online.

Shipping of goods / Purchase of mailed goods

You can also send the goods directly to us in a parcel using a postal service or forwarding company. Please make sure to include the cover note and to pack the goods securely. If you have a large quantity of material, we are happy to arrange for our preferred carrier to pick it up from your home or company.

In this case, please phone or e-mail us to let us know the approximate weight of the goods, the number of pallet spaces or mesh crates and when you would like the goods to be picked up.

After we have received the goods at our premises, the different types of electronic waste are weighed in keeping with our sorting criteria, and you are informed of the determined value by post or by e-mail if you prefer.

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