PCB AOI Testing Service

Automated Optical Inspection
Canada & USA

Continuing miniaturization of components and increasing complexity of boards is driving the need for PCB AOI Testing:

  • Checks for missing components, offset, incorrect parts, polarity
  • Checks solder paste
  • Checks components down to 0603mm (0201")
PCB AOI Testing

PCB Parts Inspection

PCB Parts inspection is a computerized function that compares the image of a PCB captured by a CCD camera with the image of a good PCB memorized in advance, and determines whether it passes inspection or not.

This determination is performed at high speed by the specification of the portion to be inspected, the inspection of the existence of parts, positional divergence of parts, wrong parts, etc. As color factors are also inspected, objects which cannot be discriminated between good and defective by brightness alone can still be judged reliably.


PCB Solder Print Inspection

PCB Solder print inspection is a function that inspects the status of a solder printed surface by examining its area, place and form. Data processing is carried out in natural light, as in the previous parts inspection. Moreover, no special hardware is required.

The reference data for the solder printed surface to be inspected may be GERBER data, automatic sampling, or a manual designation.

PCB Solder Fillets Inspection

The M22X fw is equipped with a red LED for solder fillet inspection. The LED lights only during fillet inspection and emphasizes an inclined fillet; recognizing it clearly.

A captured image is processed by high-speed rendering. After the process, only the fillet parts are extracted from the image and judged to be good or defective.

aoi test

aoi test

aoi testing

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