PCB Assembly

Whether you've finalized a PCB design, or you're ready for PCB prototyping, or require high volume production, we're ready to fulfill your PCB assembly requirements.

Our reputation for high quality & fast delivery makes M.I.S. Electronics the clear choice for PCB services in Canada and USA.

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We offer:

  • Better quality
  • Faster delivery
  • Reliability
  • Complete confidentiality

Our PCB assembly process

PCB Assembly Process PCB Assembly Process PCB Assembly Process
1- We receive your final design files. 2- PCB Parts procurement(for turnkey orders) 3- Parts receipt
PCB Assembly Process PCB Assembly Process PCB Assembly Process
4- Parts verification & kit preparation 5- SMD machine programming 6- Paste stencil fabrication
PCB Assembly Process PCB Assembly Process PCB Assembly Process
7- SMD machine setup 8- SMD verification of Electronics parts footprint against PCB (examined for oxidation, discoloration, damage, contamination, and flatness) 9- Assemble top side (part placement and alignment are examined prior to solder reflow)
PCB Assembly Process PCB Assembly Process PCB Assembly Process
10- Internal first off approval for top side 11- Assemble PCB bottom side 12 - Internal first off approval for bottom side of PCB
PCB Assembly Process PCB Assembly Process PCB Assembly Process
13- Hand &/or thru-hole assembly (wave solder if applicable) 14- Touch-up 15- Final PCB QC & shipment

Our PCB assembly capabilities

  • PCB Surface Mount Technology
    01005, 0201, CCGA, COB, MCM, MEM, BGA & uBGA,
    Chip Scale Package (CSP),
    Fine pitch high pin count press fit connectors,
    Flip chip SOIC, TSSOP
  • Pin Through Hole (PTH)
  • Wave solder
  • Selective soldering
  • Selective conformal coating
  • Aqueous cleaning
  • Lead-free PCB manufacturing
  • PCB coating
  • PCB Design Service



SMT (Surface Mount Technology)

Four complete SMT lines comprised of the following machines:
  • Quantity 4 – MYDATA MY15E
  • Quantity 2 – UNIVERSAL-4796 HSP
  • Quantity 3 EKRA- X4
  • EKRA- X5
  • TRITON IV MIL SMT (aqueous cleaner)

Through hole

  • Universal TH- Radial
  • Universal TH- VCD-Sequencer
  • Universal TH- Dip

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

  • Vantage S22™ - Post-Reflow AOI System
  • Marantz - NSPECFV18

How do we prevent ESD damage?

(Electrostatic Discharge)

  • We oversee ESD awareness and certification training for all personnel who are working in, or have access to an ESD sensitive area.
  • Maintain work instructions, drawings, and other documentation for ESD cautions, markings, and precautionary procedures.
  • Audit and certify ESD-protected areas on a regular basis.
  • Ensure that access to protected areas is limited to persons who have completed ESD training

    prevent ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Damage

Why M.I.S. ?

Because we:
PCB Assembly are responsive.
PCB Assembly have a 'can-do' attitude.
PCB Assembly value your business.
PCB Assembly make doing business with us easy.
PCB Assemblymake sure your expectations are met.

These companies trust their PCB assembly to M.I.S.

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