PCB Design Services
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Whether you require PCB design and layout services, or have a combination of PCB design requirements that will transform your idea into a real product, M.I.S. Electronics can team you up to make it happen, on-time & on-budget.

Please use the form on the right & send us your enquiry regarding requested PCB design service, and include as much detail about your requirements as possible.

Circuit Board and PCB Design Services by MIS

PCB design & development stages:

1. Requirements & Specifications

  • Capture final PCB design system requirement from Client
  • Define related Standards and Certifications (erg. IEC6061-1)
  • Define User Acceptance PCB Test Plan
  • Define Costing requirements
  • Produce Hardware Requirements Document entire design


  • Functional Requirements Specification
  • Draft PCB Test Requirements Document


2. Preliminary Design Review (PDR)

  • PCB System Block Diagram
  • Detailed Circuit PCB Design
  • Preliminary Schematics
  • PCB design Area Analysis
  • Concept PCB designs
    PDR Presentation and Action Items


3. Critical PCB Design Review (CDR)

  • Schematics Clean up
  • Bread Board Testing
  • PCB Layout
  • Firmware development
  • Firmware testing and Client feedback
  • Mechanical verification and Test Plan (TRD)


  • CDR Presentation and Action Items
  • Final Test Requirements Document


4. Alpha PCB Prototype Phase

  • Produce a lab PCB test unit and demonstrate to Client
  • Provide client with 2 to 4 prototypes for PCB testing and verification
  • FCC/CE Pre-Scan
  • Test Verification (TVD)


  • Schematics
  • Prototype Units
  • Final Test Verification Document


5. PCB design service: Beta Prototype Phase

  • PCB Design clean up
  • Pricing and Risk assessment
  • FCC/CE Lab assistance
  • Provide Client with 8 of 10 BETA Prototypes


  • Final PCB Design package
  • Schematics
  • Gerber Files
  • BOM


6. Production Readiness

  • Documentation wrap up
  • Provide Final Production Build and PCB Assembly pricing


  • PCB design for Manufacturing Document
  • Detail Costs


Electronic Circuit Design General knowledge

The process of Electronic Circuit Design can cover systems ranging from complex electronic systems all the way down to the individual transistors within an integrated circuit. For more complex designs, teams of designers following a systematic approach with intelligently guided computer simulation are becoming increasingly common.

The PCB design process involves moving from the specification at the start, to a plan that contains all the information needed to be physically constructed at the end, this normally happens by passing through a number of stages, although in very simple circuit it may be done in a single step.

PCB Design Service

The PCB design process normally begins with the conversion of the specification into a block diagram of the various functions that the circuit must perform. At this stage the contents of each block are not considered – only what each block must do. This is sometimes referred to as a ‘black box design.

This approach allows what may be a very complicated task to be broken into smaller tasks, which may either…” by tackled in sequence or divided amongst members of a design team.

Each block is then considered in more detail, still at an abstract stage, but with a lot more focus on the details of the electrical functions to be provided. At this or later stages it is common to require a large amount of research or mathematical modeling into what is and is not feasible to achieve.

The results of this research may be fed back into earlier stages of the design process, for example if it turns out one of the blocks cannot be designed within the parameters for which it was set, it may be necessary to alter other blocks instead.

At this point of Electronic Circuit Design it is also common to start considering both how to demonstrate that the design does meet the specifications, and how it is to be tested.

Finally the individual PCB components are chosen to carry out each function in the overall design, at this stage the physical layout and electrical connections of each component are also decided, this layout commonly taking the form of artwork for the production of a printed circuit board or Integrated circuit. This stage is typically extremely time-consuming because of the vast array of choices available.

A practical constraint on the design at this stage is that of standardization. While a certain value of component may be calculated for use in some location in a circuit, if that value cannot be purchased from a supplier, then the problem has still not been solved. To avoid this, a certain amount of 'catalog engineering' can be applied to solve the more mundane tasks within an overall design.

These companies trust their PCB assembly to M.I.S.

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