PCB In-Circuit Testing

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M.I.S. Electronics offers in-circuit test and turnkey test program development and fixture fabrication services.

PCB In-Circuit Testing

Standard PCB Program Development

The Standard programs are cost-effective and offer a fast turn-around. This service is most suitable for customers with standard technologies or limited time and budget. The Standard programs can be upgraded to an Advance level at a later date if required.


Advanced Test Programs

The Advanced programs are designed for complex boards and for customers that require the maximum fault coverage possible at the ICT stage. The Advanced programs include steps listed in the Standard Programs as well as the following steps if applicable:


Combination PCB In-circuit & Functional Test Programs

Recognizing that most products will require some form of functional test before shipment to customers, a more logical approach would to be to combine when possible In-Circuit Testing (ICT) and Functional Testing (FBT) into a single stage.

Combination of functional test with ICT can also be used to achieve higher fault coverage that may not be possible with ICT-only test strategy. Single stage test strategy using a single test fixture can save test time and capital expenditure, and reduces the potential for errors and damage caused by excessive board handling.

Single Stage PCB Test Strategies

The In-Circuit Test systems are basically designed to detect manufacturing process faults quickly and accurately and often lack the necessary capabilities for functional testing.

As such, the ICT system capabilities can be expanded by integrating off-the-shelf test and measurements instruments (GPIB, VXI or PXI) as well as adding the necessary electronics into the fixture to make functional test possible.

Once the scope of the functional testing is defined, the necessary instruments are selected and integrated with the target system, or in the test fixture.

The text fixture is then designed & built, and test programs are developed and fully debugged & integrated with the ICT system software before they are installed at the customer’s site.

These companies trust their PCB assembly to M.I.S.

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